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Fire up the experience of love and connection without couples counseling.

Let me show you how.

Hi I'm Cori Myka

Certified Relationship Coach

  • Firefighter spouse since 2000
  • Mom of two since 2002
  • Co-ower (with my hubby) of Orca Swim School since 1999 (it was easier to commit to a company than a marriage!)

Perhaps we share similar experiences?

Have you ever...

  • Sat on the end of the bed with screaming newborn, tantruming toddler, and fluids coming out of everywhere except a hot shower.
  • Work 40 hours while planning kids activities and the team of helpers for 24-72 hour single parenting shifts.
  • Have a beautiful life yet, feel like you are losing connection to yourself and your spouse.

There is a way to the relationship you desire 

It's simple with the right tools.

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Increase the experience of unconditional love and connection without self-sacrificing, being overwhelmed, or resentful.

Our spouses are the most attractive, helpful, giving, and hard-working heroes.  

We want our marriages to work.  They want our marriages to work, but asking them to fix one more thing doesn’t seem possible. 

Feeling overwhelmed because you have tried so hard to create a perfect family, but you are concerned it could slip away.


Then this is the place for you.

Let me let you in on a little secret. 


You can have the relationship you desire without changing the circumstance, hours in couples counseling, or requiring yourself to do more. 


So simple.  I am here to make it easy.

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When we work together you will no longer struggle with these common thoughts:

  • If my partner would do this then, I would feel better
  • If my partner would stop that, then I would feel better
  • If we only had more time/money/vacations/dates, then I would feel better

Get the support YOU need to feel better now.


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Don’t just pose for a dream picture. 


Experience * Build * Love it.