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Episode 36 - Patriarchy: what it is and how it affects relationships

In this episode, you’ll learn what patriarchy is, especially when it comes to marriage and relationships. Patriarchy is a social system where men have power over women. Male domination in a patriarchal society or government refers to the fact that men make all the decisions.


Sometimes in relationships, patriarchy encourages men to view women as beings suited to fulfill male needs; they have primary power in both their family unit and even in society itself.


Would you consider this kind of situation in your marriage? Well, this 36th Episode will teach you how to make a balance despite the patriarchal character of men.

About the Host:


Coach Cori Myka owner of Relationships on Fire and the creator of the Foundations of Change learning method.  For over 20 years Cori has worked with adults to use mindset tools to take action in their life so they can create their wildest dreams.  Her unique coaching and teaching are so highly regarded because it is based on healing while taking action.  Her work starts with our primary relationship with ourselves so clients can then change their relationships in the world from marriage and family, to work and deepest fears like swimming in deep water. 


You matter!

-Coach Cori

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